Admission Policy

Admissions to the School are made by a Committee consisting of the Headmistress and 2 other staff members deputed by the Headmistress. Priority is given according to the norms outlined below and according to the availability of seats:

  1. Eligible adivasi children from Torpa.
  2. Eligible children of staff members.
  3. Eligible children of Bal Nikitan.
  4. Eligible sisters/brothers of children already in school

In all these categories, preferential option is for the children of parents from the lower income groups.

Note: The qualification of “Eligibility” includes the capacity, including family support, to undertake studies for the ICSCE board.

In General:

  • Care is taken to ensure that in the enrolment of the new students, while there is a prioritization as given above, there is no exclusion on the basis of caste, religion, community etc.
  • No third party is entertained in negotiations for admissions.
  • Pressures are resisted as firmly and politely as possible.
  • Children already studying in recognized schools are normally not accepted.
  • Children who can avail of an English medium school in their own neighborhood are encouraged to go there.
Admission Procedure:
  1. The forms for admission are available in the school office in late January. When the date for taking the forms is declared, the parents can come and take the forms.
  2. The forms are to be submitted on the date that is declared for submission of forms. At the time of submission of forms a birth certificate has to be submitted for children enrolling in Std.1 or for children coming from schools that are not recognized by the Government. For children coming from other recognized schools, the Transfer Certificate should show the date of birth clearly.
  3. Children should come with parents for interview on the date that is declared for the interview.
  4. Children who qualify at the interview will be admitted.
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