Aim and Objective


Enabling the local children, particularly the adivasi children of the area, to have a “new dawn” in their own lives, bring this about in their families, and in society, wherever they are.


As its name suggests, the “Children of the New Dawn School” aims at giving the local children, particularly the adivasi children of the area, a good, affordable English medium education rooted as far as possible in the local and national culture and positive values, preparing them to be responsible and patriotic citizens of good, strong character, who will make a contribution to society wherever they are. This will be achieved by providing an all round education to each child and by academic excellence.

Our Objectives

  • Creating a family atmosphere where all feel at home and interaction between Principal, staff and students will encourage growth for all
  • Academic excellence which fosters an interest in knowledge and the capacity to access knowledge on their own.
  • Inculcating responsible leadership which puts duty before self interest and one’s own enjoyment.
  • A respect for all religions and cultures by creating a secular atmosphere & opportunities to learn about other religions and cultures.
  • All round development of each and every child, co-curricular activities – each child ensured participation, inculcating moral and spiritual values.
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