Promotion Policy

Promotion is the joint responsibility of the Headmistress and staff, but the final decision rests with the Headmistress.

  1. Promotion is based on the year’s work, that is, the performance in the four unit tests, the mid-term exam and the final exam, the student’s everyday performance in the class as well as the student’s regularity through-out the year. Except for serious reasons, which the parent will communicate in writing, well in time before the exam, the student must have a 90% attendance during the working days of the term to appear for the exam at the end of that term.
  2. As far as possible all are promoted, students being detained only when there is hope that they will benefit from repeating the class. In such a case, parents are strongly discouraged to request for promotion. Instead they are requested to pay more attention to the studies of their children, so that they can cope better with the studies of that class.
  3. Parents will come on the day that is designated for the giving of results after the mid-term and final exams, to take the report card and to meet the class-teacher and if necessary, other teachers or the Principal.
  4. Parents must study the report card and return the report card, duly signed, by the designated date.
  5. No child should remain absent for the unit tests and the mid-term and final examination except for serious reasons. The reason should be communicated to the Principal in writing by the parent before the exam. If the absence is due to illness, the guardians must produce a medical certificate to this effect.
  6. There is no provision of Re-test however, until and unless the situation demands it.The decision will rest with the Principal.
  7. If a child has failed consecutively for two years, he/she will be advised to take TC and go for a curriculum that the child can cope with better, so that the child does not experience further failure, but may pass the Board examination finally.
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